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I am an aspiring musician from Utica, NY. I'm highly experienced and proficient with chiptune music design, including but not limited to, NES, Gameboy, Amiga, and other 8bit retro style compositions. This also includes the ability to create 8bit and 16bit sound effects. Besides chiptune, I also have the ability to create radical midis. I am very knowledgeable creating music with various music programs as well as experienced playing keyboard, lead guitar, and bass guitar.

Anyways, as you might know, times are tough and music artists usually don't get anything for their hard work, it usually all goes to the artists of the projects I work on. It would really help my current economic dilemma in the real world of barely making ends meat at my full time job, student loans I have piled up, and other such things like that. Plus, it's always nice to get a little something back for a hobby of mine.

Any fan who subscribes gets all of my new stuff when it releases, as well as some other extra exclusive songs, and possibly exclusive items to go along with them. You also get my best albums and songs just for signing up, which includes Infinite Run One, Cops, Easy Listening, Mega Man 72, and much more.

Anyone who supports me helps motivate me to create ever inspiring tracks for people to enjoy!

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MC Jimmy
Syracuse, New York
Aspiring musician from Utica, New York. Experienced in singing, playing the piano, playing guitar, as well as using various computer programs for creating music such as FL Studio, Reason, Milkytracker, FamiTracker and more.

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